*shy but actually a sex freak*

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shaggywoki: I love that song :)

Its amazing

shaggywoki: I have NO idea! Theres too many. you?

Fix a heart by demi lovato

shaggywoki: I should watch it some time then :) and I believe its your turn now :)

Yes you should and favorite song ?

shaggywoki: Oh! okay :) I think I've heard of it :)

Its a pretty good show

Anonymous: Fucking cutie

Hey there

shaggywoki: Pretty Little Liars is really good! I haven't watched any of the 5th season yet though. Whats the L Word about? :)

It’s a lesbian show

Anyone wanna snapchat me ? Private message me your snapchat
shaggywoki: Okay what's the one you watch the most often? :P

Pretty little liars and the L word

shaggywoki: That is such a detailed answer! Holy shit! *intense sarcasm*

I can list all of them but trust me there is a lot 😃

So if you’re a lesbian go ahead and message me ya know maybe to be friends or flirt either way ahha I’m bored

shaggywoki: lol um whats your favourite TV show?

Too many lol